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Mister is a gay meetup app that aims to be the Grindr for actual relationships

There aren’t a lot of cutting edge apps for gay dating. The most popular one is Grindr, but that app is largely used to find men who want to hook up rather than be your long-term boyfriend. What if you want more than just another hook-up? Why can’t there be a grown-up alternative to Grindr? There is, and it’s called Mister.

With a user base of 1 million there are plenty of other men looking for love on Mister’s network, and their new app makes finding “the one” easier than ever.

Mister is designed to take gay dating apps beyond the limit of hook-up culture and truly help each user focus on a well-rounded image of the men they’re looking for. Unlike Grindr, which limits you to 130 characters in your profile, Mister provides 3,000 characters to present an image of who you truly are. Instead of the one picture Grindr allows, Mister allows you to post 25.

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Queer Geeks Panel at CCC Congress 2011

Internet critical for Iran’s embattled gay community, new study finds

Iran-internetNew research by the UK-based non-profit Small Media has found that Iran’s gay community — a group that operates largely underground because homosexual activity is punishable by death in the Islamic Republic — relies heavily on online activity. 

The “LGBT Republic of Iran: An Online reality?” study drew from online interactions with users in Iran to reveal a highly-active virtual network.

Researchers tracked initiatives like Ketabkhaneh88, an online gay book fair launched from abroad by a pair of Iranian gay rights activists and poets who also started a Toronto publishing firm to print Iranian books on the topic.

Source: globalpost.com

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Indiana revokes LGBT license plates


After a mere two months, Indiana will no longer offer license plates that benefit an LGBT youth group in the area.

Republican lawmakers demanded the plate be removed on “contractual grounds” after legislation targeting the youth group failed. It seems publicizing the sale of “low-digit special group license plates” is illegal, and so the Indiana Youth Group and a couple of other organizations lost their license plate privileges. There are more details about the legal stuff at the article above.

In just under two months, 669 plates had already been issued, with the Indiana Youth Group making $25 from each. The group’s application for a license plate had previously been turned down several times.

Oh, this is so upsetting. This group worked so hard for license plates, essentially pioneering the concept, only to get shut down by some homophobic state senators. If you’d like to help the Indiana Youth Group make up some of the money they are basically losing, feel free to donate here.

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Why A Video Game Blockbuster Will Finally Allow You To Be A Gay Man

Why A Video Game Blockbuster Will Finally Allow You To Be A Gay Man

In the video game adventures of Commander Shepard, being a gay man was neither a matter of biology nor choice.

It was a matter of programming. And the programming of Shepard’s first video game, 2007’s Mass Effect, made being gay impossible.

And then things changed. The programming changed. You can play Shepard as if he is a gay man in next month’s Mass Effect 3.

Why? The people who make the game wouldn’t say it’s because they are advocates. Not quite. They have another reason.

"We got feedback from players that they wanted more choice," Ray Muzyka co-founder of Mass Effect studio BioWare told me during a recent interview. “We respond to that feedback and try to make our games better based on what our players are asking for.”

Source: kotaku.com

Website for Queer Youth to Find Mentors

“In college, I wanted someone to talk to about being gay and found someone through Craigslist. Clearly a poor decision in retrospect, despite the fact that I did end up finding a mentor who helped me come out.

“However, I don’t want other naive youngsters to be forced to make the same decision and find an unsatisfactory or unsavory result.”

These are the words of Aaron Moy, co-founder of AnonyMouse.

AnonyMouse is a web-based network of vetted mentors who are available to coach young, closeted, or struggling LGBT folks through the tough times.

AnonyMouse is more than just Q&A and more than just crisis intervention, said Moy. It is focused on long-lasting relationships between gay youth and mentors with a range of experiences, from kids and marriage to conservative families and careers in athletics.

Source: venturebeat.com

PinkNews.co.uk founder and Channel 4 technology correspondent Benjamin Cohen has recorded a video for the It Gets Better Project.

Cohen, 29, discusses coming out to his Jewish family in the time of Section 28, when discussion about being gay was limited in schools. He also condemns reparative therapy for same sex attractions. His former school, JFS, was criticised last month for showing sixth form students a slide about gay cure treatments.

It Gets Better: Benjamin Cohen on being LGBT & Jewish and why ‘gay cures’ don’t work (by benjamincohenuk)

Source: youtube.com

'Star Wars: The Old Republic' Video Game To Allow Players To Have Same-Sex Relationships

An option available for the "Star Wars: The Old Republic" video game will now allow characters to engage in same-sex relationships.

The news has generated quite a bit of controversy with LGBT fans celebrating the move and anti-gay activists like Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council condemning the new game play dynamic.

GLSEN’s online and tv based campaign to raise awareness of the harmful effects of using gay as a negative term was shown off during the Super Bowl.  

Think Before You Speak - Wordplay (by adcouncil)

Source: youtube.com

Anti-gay Twitter hashtag hijacked by wit | Technically Incorrect - CNET News

There are many sorts of selves in the world. So who would be surprised that there appeared a Twitter feed called @LGBTfacts, whose intention is to offer, well, facts about the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community?

However, a barrage of witty tweets seem to have rather swamped #LGBTfacts. So much so that the folks at @LGBTfacts seem to be in something of a pink tizzy.

Indeed, they appear to be accusing their opposition of hashtag hacking. I am not aware that anything one might have previously termed hacking was happening here.

New mobile application designed to support LGBT organizations around the world.

LGBTsupports App (by LGBTsupports)

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YAHOO! WORKS WITH GLAAD TO REMOVE VIOLENT ANTI-GAY COMMENTS FROM ADAM LAMBERT INTERVIEW (via Yahoo! works with GLAAD to remove violent anti-gay comments from Adam Lambert interview | GLAAD)

YAHOO! WORKS WITH GLAAD TO REMOVE VIOLENT ANTI-GAY COMMENTS FROM ADAM LAMBERT INTERVIEW (via Yahoo! works with GLAAD to remove violent anti-gay comments from Adam Lambert interview | GLAAD)

Source: glaad.org

White House Hosting Google+ Hangout For Startup America

The White House is really getting some mileage out of Google Hangouts lately. First they hosted that Hangout with President Obama earlier this week in which he answered questions submitted by people via YouTube and tomorrow they’re using Hangouts once again to promote Obama’s small business initiative, Startup America.

Great opportunity for new queer startup companies to utilize the Startup America initiative!

Source: webpronews.com

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